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Appendix 1: Connected Question Banks

A potential possibility with QuML is connected question banks. Imagine a user has access to a question bank with questions in one language and the user has a need to get the same question in a different language (that exists in another question bank): it is possible if a connection (virtual) can be established between questions in different question banks.

With QuML, all questions have the same metadata categories (e.g. difficulty level, topics, subject, medium, etc) and data structure. If values of all metadata categories and data structure are the same for two questions, then an equivalence relation can be established between them. And if only medium and text data is different for two questions, both the questions can be connected as translations of each other.

Figure - Connected question banks

Connected Question Banks: Get or Give Questions & Tests - Anywhere, Anyhow, Anytime & Anything.

A global question index can be created where an index of questions from multiple QuML compliant question banks is maintained. Users can gain access to questions in remote question banks via the global question index. This is a powerful idea which can be very helpful in countries where there are diverse education boards, publishers and governing bodies that provide learning facilities. Students, Teachers and Parents across the country can gain access to good quality questions created by a different education board, publisher or governing body in another part of the country via the global question index.

Appendix 2: Offline access

Appendix 3: Printable format

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